Born and raised in New York, Since 1975

Coming from a family of musicians, I have always been expressive and communicative through Music and the Arts. As a teenager, I found the love for graffiti—an art form that was exciting, creative and adventurous that exploded in the 80's. A lifestyle I always been attracted to. Being involved in the hardcore scene I learned that there were so many graffiti artists involved in the music.

Art and music has always been my passion

Currently the bass player of the legendary New York Hardcore band Agnostic Front. I joined in the winter of 2001 traveling all over the world from Europe, South America and Japan. Traveling abroad and experiencing many different cultures has broaden my horizons and influenced my to keep striving in life and take on new adventures. Opening this online store is another way for me to keep being creative and sharing my artistic ability with anyone who is interested in my work.

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My Art -  My Music - My Life

Mike is a terrific musician, barber, and personality, who has ventured into the visual arts driven by his musical roots and legacy in the New York Hardcore scene. No mass production here—each piece is handmade and unique to its new owner. I am very proud to be one of these owners, not only as a fan or a friend, but also because these carefully created pieces of art will go down in New York history. 

Laurens Kusters | indie.ninja

Artistically combining a love for the ingredients that make him who he is—NYHC, graffiti, music and a love for the underground—these are some refreshingly original and legit pieces for your art collection.

Jonathan Buske | BuskeDesign.com